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November 10, 2008


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What's that box next to the lampshade with the letter W on it? Is that simply a box that you covered with a map to complete the map theme in Wille's room or was it originally map-wrapped? Mind sharing with us?


Karin, it's a box I covered in a map remnant. It's not normally in Wille's room, it's sitting on a shelf in the laundry room which is where we keep the rest of our map collection, besides of the stuff in Wille's room. Yes, we are mapoholics :)


wow i love this!! i am hunting out maps we have as soon as i finished this comment!!
inspiring as usual thank you
Lesley x

Petra from the Netherlands

Good to hear you enjoyed your free weekend!

I like that box as well! We will organize our 'travelgear' later this year, meaning suitcases, bags and such as well as travel-size toiletries, and then also our Lonely Planet books, and the different maps. I will definitely keep this in mind....


so excited to try this in my boys room! thanks


du är så piffig och bra och jag är så dålig på att kommentera men jag läser alla inlägg med glädje.


What a fabulous project, I'll be linking. The url to this post cracks me up!


Rachel, I know and I can't change it :)
Apparently the first thing you write and then press save is what you get as the URL... I copied a note in the post of a comment I'd received so I'd remember. I'll remember to name first thing in the future. You should se my stats list. Crazy :)


Oh man, I love you Benita :). Thank you! I think I will try this for Simon.


Ali, likewise :)


I love it. Thanks for the how-to.

Adriana Pinheiro

Love the lamp shades! Will try to make one for my home, which, by the way, is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. :)


I'm a big fan of using map imagery in decor. This is lovely!


that's sucha a sweet idea!


Hello Benita ! I made the lamp this afternoon, I'm so proud of it !
I choose a part of my old world map (which was in my kitchen when I lived in Finland) from Greenland to Russia.
Thanks so much for this brilliant idea...



Great Eugènie! Love the Jyväskylä marker :)

wall art work

Very smart you are :)


I've juste found your blog, and that's funny because a few weeks ago I made a map lamp! Here is the link to my blog, if you want to take a look: http://talonsaiguillesetvieillesdentelles.blogspot.com/2010/07/maps.html

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage

OMG I am in love!! Visiting from Kimbas party! This is ah-mazing!! :)


Lovely blog, hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!


Omg thank you so much for this. I broke my lamp shade by stepping on it and was going to buy a new shade at my local store. Now seeing this guide I'm going to make my own and to tell you the truth. The one you made in this guide is way nicer then the ones you can buy in stores. I love how the lamp shade is a map.


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