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August 24, 2011


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So Pretty . What a great idea! Thanks for sharing

Lorna from Atlanta

Clever girl!


I love it! I may copy your idea...


I like the circle doormat matching the mirror and drum-lampshade. Great idea!

The second rug is only to hide the floor?


Wow !! Amazing. I just love the view from the inside to outside where you can see the neighbour's house ( I think it is the 11 picture from the top).

I am getting jealous day by day because of the transformations you make to your house.If you are considering selling this house i will be the first to buy (Jus kidding, I know you have just bought this house... but the transformations that has happened to this house is rather tempting)


It is. Still trying to figure out exactly what to do with that floor...


What a difference a doormat can make!


Well it's just lovely - no surprise there. It really "blurs the line between inside and outside" like all the groovy decorating magazines always say you should do :). I do believe I'm going to have to steal this idea!


It does look amazing! Did you use anything to attach the carpet to the floor, or does it stay put without?
I'm with you, it should stop raining allready!


Gosh you are so clever and so energetic - I feel tired just reading all the incredible DIY you do. I want to move in to your house - it is BEAUTIFUL! Well done.


That looks stunning. I still find it a bit weird that your front door opens outwards though!


They're kind of heavy and stay put on their own so no need to stick them down.


I love it too. Stealing that idea aswell as the smart idea for the new doorstep.


God you are brilliant!!!


Coco husk doormat in a coco nut shape :-).

Ebru Gage

Nice ! Speaking of painting the door, have you decided yet on the color? Wondering if it will be Benita (Dove grey) or Wille (Sunny Yellow) color???

Best of luck !




Yup, post coming up! Both grey and yellow have been contenders...


absolutely gorgeous idea, i LOVE it. i will count amongst the copycats. now if i could find some of that matting in england!



Have you chosen a color for the door? After looking at the bright yellow door on YoungHouseLove I'm itching to paint mine... unfortunately I live in a flat and there's a rule about keeping the doors brown. Too bad.


Post coming up!


Very nice and very clever!


something nice


I love it too!!
Looking forward to the Door post.


I've seen them before and they are toooooo cuuuuute! I want one but the white one sold already... Will keep tabs on that shop!

Claudia Martins Dietrich

Lovely, as usual!

Fiona Potter

Great! What colour will you paint the door? Not white, surely? ;)


It will all be revealed tomorrow :)


Rug looks great inside and out. Very sensible.

The front of your house will look spectacular when the door's painted.

Oh, I hope the door will be white. Or, at least, not gray. Sweden gets enough gray weather without the houses being gray, too, IMO. ;)

Love the neighbor's picket fence. So cute!


Or maybe Bonus Black?


Our last door was black so I want something different this time :)


I really love the idea of using the same material inside as well as outside! I look forward to seeing the painted door. Of course I will be away tomorrow so no internet access, will check first thing when I'm back online!!!


Love it! I have a rather odd question. I noticed that your front door opens out rather than in, so the hinges are on the outside of the house, correct? That is opposite of how outside doors open here. Is that the norm where you live?


It is, but I had another comment on how weird it is so we're weird :)


I'm Swedish but live in the US and have also been struck by how tied people here are to frontdoors opening into the house. I said to an architect that the door could open out and I might as well have suggested we burn the whole house down. I think it's at least in part because many people attach screen/storm doors on the outside of the frontdoorway. Those doors open out, and then the "real" frontdoor opens in.


What's with that storm door, anyway. I get "screen" as in screening out bugs etc, but "storm", aren't they usually quite flimsy compared to "real" doors.


Storm door is more for insulation - one more barrier against the cold. Also protects wood doors from winter weather.


I love it too and this is great timing. We just tiled the flooring in our back hall (where we enter and take off shoes; we put down tile to stand up against the snow and muck for much of the year), and I've been trying to figure out what ti do about a mat--this gives me some ideas to work on.


Wanted to comment on door colour but see that all will be revealed tomorrow. My suggestion was "falu svart" a sort of standard house paint in sweden when in red but the black one is more recent. Also read that your old door was black... Well, will be up early to read tomorrow!

And info about door opening outwards, it has to do with building regulations here in Sweden, if there is a fire you should be able to run out quickly (i think this is fact, but has not double checked)

Petra from NL

Love the look from the outside in!


my concern is that its not as safe that way.. when your door is locked, all you have to do is take the hinges off and your in..
to me its a little scary.

Can't wait to see the door color.. your such a bright, cheerful person. i think yellow would be great. or that wonderful green you like so much.

Fröken Prickig

Nice! What about the other rug, the one in the hallway,is that IKEA too?


You are always so creative! I love coming to your blog, it's always so inspiring.


It is but it's from years ago so I don't know if it's still available.

Frida - trendenser.se

I love it, what a great idea!


gud så snyggt OCH FIFFIGT!


Where in the US can you buy this by the yard?

Froken Prickig

I don't think it is... I have not seen it in their stores:/


It's meant to be safer to get out in case of a fire if the door opens outwards. You just push and escape whithout having people climbing your back and pressing against you while you try to get the door to open inwards. At least that's what I've heard as an explanation. (And I've noticed that almost all doors in public places open outwards here in Sweden.)


I'll pinch that idea thank-you! LOVE..... :)


I just love your creativity and your 2 mat set, Benita. In Australia our front doors usually open inwards, as most houses have flyscreen doors or security doors (which can be left locked on their own for ventilation).
So I would not have enough clearance under the door thick mat. I do have a piece of carpeting as a "second stage mat", but nothing smart like matching the outside mat.


I love how the two doormats work together so well to form one cohesive space.


Who knew doormats could look this good! Nicely done.

London Builders

Hey...you always come with brilliant ideas. Really very impressive. Thanks for sharing.


Honey PLEASE rehang your door immediately. Your door should be an in swing with the hinges on the inside. Your hinges can be popped off from the exterior,making you a sitting duck. PLEASE look into this.

And yes, by the way, your door mat is pretty fabulous.

Sorry for being a Cassandra. I had to say something.


All doors in Sweden swing out.

wall art

That's a very cool idea! I love to try this at home too.

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