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February 24, 2009


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Petra from the Netherlands

I always wonder... when using pegboard, do you have to keep it a few inches off the wall in order to make it easier to put in hooks and such?
If so... how do you achieve this?


Ha ha, love your title!

carol k

Your titles for the "jar" posts are the best. Love it.
I almost asked how you did this in my comment yesterday. And Lo and Behold...
I was so inspired by you yesterday -I immediately went+ spray painted some ball jar lids and the 3 hole punch - all in white.


My dad did this a lot. You can also use small glass babyfood jars as well. It also works for beads, and craft supplies too! you could also do this for spices, but you may be exposing them to some air.

Carola from Austria

I love that idea! I guess hubby will do so as well :)


I love this idea, and it would be very useful on the underside of the hutch I use to hold my sewing stuff. We love peanut butter, too, but we buy the enormous jars of it. I might have to downsize a bit so I can do this.


Mwaa-ha-ha! Love the title!


Lovely idea Chez. Though would the second row of jars be harder to get to?


The post title cracked me up! We use a lot of jars in the same way - I first saw my grandpa do it with baby food jars.


those are some teeny little peanut butter jars! Even the small ones here are bigger than that by a couple of times.


Det där är så himla bra! Jag längtar tills jag får sätta tänderna i både vårt garage, vår snickarboa och vår källarverkstad. Det är mycket som måste köpas för att organisera där... många hyllor!! Ska komma ihåg detta tipset :)

Kram Jenny


I remember an elderly friend of the family who is an avid carpenter and he used baby food jars in the same manner for his bits and bobs for carpentry :) Excellent tip and great to know this technique is still adopted.


Hinching, maybe a tiny bit, but you can se the second row well inbetween the ones in the front row and the y are at a good grabbing height so it's not a problem.

Petra, we used a slim piece of wood all around at the baxk and screwed through the pegboard and the wood which makes th pegboard stay away from the wall. You have to or you won't be able to get the hoos in there. Another way though would be to use small short washer type tubes around the screwes at the back to make them stand out.

mary grace

cute :) i've seen people use the same idea for storing buttons. one of these days when i have a craft room i plan on doing the same!


"The lids are screwed into the wooden shelf that sits above the work top and then you simply fill your jars with whatever small you need storing and screw the jar onto the mounted lid."

What a great idea!

Melissa of {craftgasm}

I love it! My grandfather did the same thing in the garage to store all sorts of little bits and bobs -- but his were all different sized jars. A little less pretty, but it worked!


I saw this some time ago for crafting things. A really nice idea. Yours look much prettier as they have the same size and the same colour.


Wondering how you got rid of the labels on plastic jars? I've got these milky white pumps for soap but have ugly ugly labels on them. Coz they are plastic, one cannot use the usual solvents to remove the labels unlike glass jars.


avina, I use what is called Kemiskt Ren Bensin. It would translate directly into "chemically clean petrol". Have no idea if this helps. It stinks of petrol so it's a version of what you put in your car but it comes in a tiny bottle and is sold in the cleaning aisle in the greocery store over here.


Ett så suveränt tips!! Kikar in för första gången, här ska mitt nya organiserade liv börja. Insoiration verkar du bjuda på i massor! Kikar runt lite, ha en bra dag


This is a fabulous idea. I am always annoyed with my husbands screws and nails and stuff always laying around garage so I will have to share this idea with him! Thanks!

tilda b. hervé

perfect for my workshop!!


makes me want to have my own workshop just to screw pb jars to wooden shelves

Down Comforter

Great idea! It must have taken you forever to save up so many jars :)

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