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July 19, 2010


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Märtha was in origami mode all day, yesterday! She did "fashion origami" a tiny shirt with tie, a pair of shoes, a dress and a bra(!). She does not know what to do with them. Would make a strange mobile.


Oh. And a hat!


Ok, the hat does it. She must definitely make a mobile. And I want to see it!


Åh ën sån bedårande mobol, jag som älskar fjärilar!! och eftersom jag älskar att fika också så är bilden under tilltalnade också: ) Mari.

procrastination mama

Wow. That is stunning! And so simple.


Wow such a good idea. I want to do that at home too. Nice decor.


Thank you for an inspiring blog! I have tried to find out more about how you did the map behind Wille's bed. Is it wallpaper or an ordinary map? Did you frame it? It looks like you did. Can you please let me know how you did it. I would like to do something similar at home.


It's a real map. I bought it in a map shop here in Stockholm. It was kind of tricky to put it up because of the size and I would have preferred a wallpaper version in sections if I had found one at the time. I know there are some available now. What we did is we spray glued the back and stuck it to the wall. It looks ok but not prefect because the map has shifted a little over time and there are now some creases / bubbles. Most of out interior walls have this old cladding which is like a notice board (treetex)so we can pin our "I've been here" pins straight into the wall. We added the trim just so it would look a little more finished.


Aren't Mini and Bonus attracted to this? Seems like a perfect cat toy to me!


Bonus doesn't care AT ALL. All he wants to do is be outside :). Mini is more inclined to touch stuff but we had the paper cranes in the livingroom for over a year until she started playing with them and tore them down. This will last as long as it lasts. She hasn't found them interesting yet and they've been up a couple of weeks...

down comforter

I tried making it myself, and it worked!!!! I am so excited and now I am browing through the origami tutorials on youtube and trying to experiment more

Vicki K

Benita - what a great instructional video! Thanks for including the part about the water bomb because I do remember how to make those from 5th grade. And the rest is easy. It is so wonderful of you not only to share your sources but then to make such a great video to boot. I love to watch how your hands "master" the paper. Off to make butterflies...


Great project. can't wait to try it. i guess you can put it up anywhere. i am wondering if you posted the recipes for the chocolate cupcakes or the donuts? please do. look forward to your next posts.

Sandra - If it comes in pink

That's so cute, I would like a pink one;)

Casa e Cose

oh how cute! what patience you need though to fold and get it right.
this would also be so cute on canvas..like butteflies flying over a canvas in different sizes and patterns...
Tack for underbar blog!


How cool is that? Did you bought that mobile structure in the museumshop at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, I did! ;) Now I only have to fold those wonderful fjärilar!


I found mine at Åhléns some years ago :)


The donuts were bought actually and I still haven't posted the chocolate cupcakes. Need to check with Wille if I'm allowed to share the recipe :) He's away this week.


wooww... This is great.I would like to do a one,too.

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