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July 08, 2010


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Wow. That's a lot of gift wrapping! And a neat idea. Now let's have that mysterious new desk! :-)


i love reading your blog and basking in the order i see in it. i wish i could be as much of a domestic goddess as you are just by reading your blog, but alas, it's a skill that continues to escape me to this date.

i've been reading (a lot) and have gone back the page 120++ of your blog just loving all the tips, the little (and big projects) and your family. i think i've turned into a chez larsson stalker (i hope you don't mind).


Hej Benita! I love this idea for gift wrap. They seem to always be in the wrong place, yet you never find them when you need them (or is that just me?).

I too suffer from time management issues, I will definitely check out the workshop you recommended!


That is just genius - you can just roll that basket happily out of your sight when not needed! I SO need that for my Christmas wrapping papers, I have way too many and nowhere to keep them. Thank you once again!



Trash cans, empty food cans. . .I want to work where you work. You could probably decorate a house just from work's discards. Hey, I feel a contest coming on!


Hey Benita

Can you post a picture of the recycling area at work? ;)

I am also a chez larsson stalker...as i am a relative new reader to this blog...i went back to all your archives and read it.

Though I know I won't be as organized as you...as neat as you...as creative as you...etc etc...but you are really an inspiration to me.

Thank you.



The rolling basket is genius!

The fantastic wrapping paper is divine! I want that wrapping paper. Do you have a secret source, or does Sweden just have the best wrapping paper in the world?


"My rolls in a Rolls Royce of a trash can. Me likey!"



Great idea...and I happen to have a similar wastebasket in the basement I could use. Thanks for the inspiration!

andrea barreto

Hello Benita,
my name is Andrea and I don't speek english! Swedish, never try to!

I'm brazilian,I live in Brasil.I read your blog every day and I'm enjoying all the ideas, I am enjoyng all your energy and focus.I need some help to organize my ideas . I do love Martha as well!!!!!!!!!!!!


Um, I'm not sure I love the broken office furniture that usually gets discarded there...


I'll do that when I get back to work! Haha!


I know, we do have some good wrapping paper over here! I prefer solids to prints and usually buy them at Panduro or Lagerhaus but I've found great ones, like the polka dot, in bookstores too.


This is just a suggestion, but what if you kept track of your time for a week?

One, it'd be interesting for you, and perhaps make you more efficient (if you see a pattern that could be altered, for example). Two, it would be fascinating for us to see how you spend your time. Perhaps we could be inspired to put down the remote and pick up a paint brush a little more often. ;)


I did track a day not long ago and it took me forever to write everything down so a week and I'd be dead at the end of it :). Check out a day in the life here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/05/day-in-the-life.html


OK, you've put your wrapping paper on wheels, your office chair on wheels, your coffee table and footstool on wheels.

You also put your son on wheels in Central Park.

Martin and the kitties will soon follow, I trust ;)


Oh! I forgot about that.

I read through it again, and yup, still interesting, even if you think it isn't. :)

Charissa - The Gifted Blog

This is lovely. Sounds like you've found a treasure trove with your work's recycling area! When I worked at an art museum the best I got was foreign stamps and interesting art reception postcards. : )




You are a storage mastermind woman. I love the wheels!


this is such a great (and simple) idea!


this is seriously brilliant!

(shared on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/182216/)

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