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July 15, 2011


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Wow it looks right at home near the washing mashines. I too am suprised the wall paper stuck on so easily. I would have never thought about doing that, or I could have but then thought it will not work.


Great idea perfectly executed, as always x
Sorry, my photos are usually so shocking I am no help there!


The bin is definitely upgraded! This wallpaper is so cool that ain't nothing it can't make look better. Pure bliss! So, to address your question if there's a setting for white balance with options on your small camera go for warm white in order to achieve a similar look to the final picture. That's my first thought on this!


Om jeg ikke har misforstått, så er det det nederste bilde du vil ha odnet hvitbalansen på? Prøv Auto Color i Photoshop! (⇧ + ⌘ + B, eller Image - Adjustments - Auto color) Eller så kan du prøve Auto Levels i samme meny. Dette er antakeligvis den enkleste og raskeste måten å gjøre det på!


Tack, jag testar nästa gång!


Hey that looks great, that wallpaper is so good.
I sometimes do a quick fix right in iphoto. My version is not that new, but I go into that where the photo is full screen and then choose at the bottom the little adjust window-thingie. Usually it is enough to just move the tempature bar slightly to the blue side, then you lose the yellow tinge. Sometimes I also move the right or light bar in the levels slightly to the left to lighten the image also helps. This is my shortcut, if it does not do the trick, then I go to work in Photoshop, but that might take longer. Hope this helps.


While I can offer no guidance in the photo arena, I do have experience with switching from no dryer to dryer. After your fabrics have been through the dryer cycle a few times, they are likely to produce less lint. Yes, it's still a surprising amount, but those fist spins through are the heaviest.

p.s. Love the basket!


Great result! Now you need to come up with a craft to use all that lint...I have seen some projects in the past that have used dryer lint for something or-other, now I have to do a computer search to find them!


This is such a cool idea to me because I've never been crazy about see-through trash bins. Who wants to look at trash? And that tree paper is pretty without being too twee.


Neat idea - looks good! :-)


I love that wallpaper!


I'm amazed by how well the paper adhered to the mesh. Great job!


Ah, that sound like a Mac thing :). I'm still PC...


Love that wallpaper, too! I'm thinking a pretty wastebasket like that would be great for storage.


You can either change your DSLR's white balance setting, use a flash, or if you use Photoshop, use the Image > Adjust Levels > white eyedropper tool to select an area that should be white.

Looks nice. My projects never turn out as well as yours!


I'm surprised that you're surprised by lint. Did you not have a dryer in your last house? Or if you did, where did the lint go?

Your trashcan makeover looks lovely, of course. :)

elisa rathje

smashing x what you do is wait for willie to go out, or distract him with food, and get on to his mac. or, coerce him into processing your photos for you. after all, you're making him such a beautiful house to live in! coercion i say. guilt. then photoshop if you have it, or iphoto - it's just temperature but you could look at brightness and contrast as well if you like. sometimes i need to go into colour balance in photoshop, and i love a little thing called the 'dodge' tool for pulling up whites. x!


I love the lint trash can! You are so creative and pragmatic!

I washed some new navy and white beach towels for my kids this week and oh my the lint was incredible! There was oodles and oodles...like you said enough to make a pillow! :) Such a fun image! :)

I'm sure one of these days somebody is going to hire you as a consultant for their design business or for product development! Your ideas are worth more than gold!

~ Ali


Photoscape of course has a white balance option, but it frequently makes things too blue IMO. The easier way is to remove the color cast and take the yellow out. I think your pics are great, though.


Need to know more about your workflow to suggest the quickest way to fix white balance. Do you shoot JPG or RAW with the DSLR? What program do you use to edit?

If you shoot RAW with the DSLR, there's a White Balance slider in Adobe Camera Raw (what you get when you open a RAW file in Photoshop). Move it to the left to make the image less yellow.


Thank you!


I shoot JPEG and use Photoshop. Don't think there is a white balance slider in PS for JPEG?!


I've tried that but prefer to use PS for all the editing instead of switching from one program to the other. And I agree, sit does makethings too ble andd you have to tweak them anyway.


Thanks, I'll try that!


This is my first ever dryer! :)


This is a 1 second fix in Lightroom. Once you go Lightroom you never go back. Seriously, Lightroom is that awesome.


Is this an IKEA wasebasket? It looks exactly like one I have. Cheap, a useful size, but boring. This is inspiring and kudos to you for even thinking it would work.


I keep hearing that. Hmmm....


It is!


Tack fina superduktiga du för din hälsning hos mig idag:) Jag resonerar verkligen precis som du gör!



room of karma

Vilken ur rolig idé!
Jag har nämligen tapiserat med just den tapeten och har en bit
kvar som jag inte vet vad jag skall göra med.

Tusen tack för ditt fina tips!!!

Härlig blogg!
kram CC


That's a great idea! Beautiful!


Hej, vilken jättebra ide!! Tack för insperationen!!


WOW!! och min favvotapet... :)


I've been trying to find a wallpaper I like to line our nightstand drawers with (my husband got a little crazy with the stain). That just might be perfect!


"apered sides made it a bit wonky looking but I figured not all trees grow dead straight in the woods either."

LOL that is true!

Love your basket. Yes, if you have cats you have TONES of lint when drying blankets or beddings, for me it is not imaginable to live without dryer and have cats.

I have a feeling that every week I gat one whole cat out of there LOL.

I LOVE your wallpaper, do you know if I can buy it somewhere online and let it deliver to germany?


I don't know about online but you should be able to order it via a local wallpaper store.

Erin Kleider

I am not an expert on white balance, but I certainly know how time consuming editing photos for a blog post can be. Though I like the warmer photo from the DSLR best, I would probably edit the one to look like the others rather than the other way around. But really, I didn't notice until you pointed it out. I was totally distracted by the DIY project.


Neat! How cool to have your very own design on the bin. I really like the wallpaper you are using, even though it's been seen in a lot of magasins the last few years I still like it! The bare tree, branches, feels very Swedish, even if I know it's not.


blake @ salt teak & fog

maybe someone suggested this above: in photoshop, go to Levels and click Auto. That's it.

Unless your image is (intentionally) very light or dark, this one-step fix will bring your image into normal balance. I use it just about every time.


I use the dryer lint, stuffed into paper egg cartons, mixed with old candle wax, melted and poured on top. Then you have fire starters for the fireplace or bonfires.


That's such a cool idea!

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