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March 28, 2012


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Så fin!


Congrats! Speaking of Martha, I was in Staples (office supply store in the US) the other day and saw a HUGE display of tons of Martha desk accessories and organizing goodies. I immediately thought of you! http://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/products/martha-stewart-home-office/


Oh my God, that's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! I would definitely buy an ice cream cone from that mouse :)


I love your eggs! You are so clever!


I know and I would love to get my hands on some of that stuff at Staples, I'm telling you!


This is so cute! Love the details.


I think that's the most adorable thing I've ever seen.


CONGRATULATIONS on the guest post!
The ice cream stand is a sweet addition to your previous egg crafts. I am a fan!

Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Vilket pillerilljobb - jättefint!


Adorable! You're very talented.


Congratulations Benita- headed over there right now.


That piece about wearing protective goggles, they added that, right? ;-)

Account Deleted

Congratulations on your guest post :) the ice cream guy is the cutest thing, lol, he even has a small pink hat. I love everything about this post, i'm def a huge fan of your blog !!!


Love it! That is so cute. I could never do that though. So so adorable.


Hi, hi så fullständigt bedårande liten pippi! Du har de mest magiskt flinka fingrar som jag någonsin har sett - i STORT och smått kan du verkligen trolla!

Jo, jag kom allt ihåg dina tidigare äggalster också, lika bedårande dem.

Blev plötsligt så sugen på glass. ? :)



Your egg crafts are always so darling! :)


Haha, they didn't actually. I even included a photo of the goggles next to the Dremel but they chose not to use it :).




oh my gosh, could that be any cuter??


That is so cute, and congrats. That's a cool gig.


I cannot think of anything more fantastic or less like you!! Brilliant!

jenny holiday

Ohh my gosh...seeeriously..just tooo toooo cute!!! It hurts!!!!! I'm grinning ear to ear!! Just beyond adorbs!!!!!

XO Jenny


Oh Benita. You are so talented!!! I would never have the patience to make one, but truly appreciate the work that goes into it. So cute!!!

Holland VanDieren

Always knew you were a star, Benita. One day you will be offering a guest appearance on Chez Larsson to Martha.

Darling egg creation, BTW.


That is the sweetest thing ever. I love your egg crafts and it was fun to go back and see the ones from 2010. So cute.


that is so adorable, very clever

Petra from NL

Yay for a guest post on Martha!
The pins as icecreamis such a clever idea..


Vilket härligt påskpyssel! Jag blev så himla att köpa en dremel när jag såg dina tidigare påskpyssel, den ryker defintivt högt upp på önskelistan just nu. Vad häftigt att dom på Martha Stewart gillar din blogg - dom har ju verkligen öga för kvalitet, och det här pysslet är minsan top notch! :)


Very cute and so creative? Where did the little kitty (or mouse?) come from? Love your ideas, Benita!


I meant so creative!


I got it in China :)


Det här är bland det sötaste jag sett! Synd bara att jag såg det efter påsk.. -nästa år, då så!

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