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May 23, 2013


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Very neat, I like it! :-)


What a good idea!

Ramona K

I¨m castor-crazy too Benita. They solve so many problems. We especially love them in the greenhouse. Our olive tree and peach tree have by now grown too large to manhandle. A wooden platform, four castors = problem solved.
Every travel trip I make I wonder how on earth it took so long for some genius to hit on the idea of suitcases on wheels.
Ha en bra dag/vecka


Smart lady :). And WHERE did you get that basket? It's gorgeous.


Judith - It was left to us in the apartment we lived in at Odenplan. There was a fireplace and it stood inside filled with logs. I love it!


Ramona - I know, we sent people to the moon twenty years prior to any castors appearing on suitcases!


Omg that's a great idea!! We have two different laundry baskets (hellbunt und dunkelbunt ;) but sheesh, why didn't I think of adding a third one for donations?! Clothes I want to get rid of usually end up in my room (read in my way) until I'm so sick of them and just toss them out.


You will never cease to amaze me!

Sarah @ 20 State

Everything is better on wheels! Such a simple, great idea. I have a huge wicker hamper in my living room for blankets and an unnatural cushion collection that this would be amazing for. Thank you for the inspiration!

Estée Tea

What a great idea! I tried on plastic pails but the material makes it difficult to drill. Wicker baskets are perfect for drilling:)

Heather P.

I really want more hardwood/concrete floors so I can put things on casters! Casters on carpet just isn't the same...haha!


Nice! My God, you are SO organized! Give some of that to me, pleeease!

Kathleen S

Yet another 'why didn't I think of that' post! The answer is I'm not Benita. Just a grateful blog reader!


Korgen är jättefin. Vad bra med hjul på! Men uh, vad mycket kläder vi har som ska sorteras ut, procrastination time again ...


I never thought of putting castors on a basket. I love the idea!

Vicki K

I love the castors and the purpose of the basket - will be following suit!


Fantastic Idea. I tried it out on some old crates I had in the shed and it works wonders and takes out the strain on the back. Thank's for the great tip Benita.


Brilliant! Your problem solving, DIY posts are my favorite. You are so clever!


This is a great idea. Both for the flexibility of putting castors on a basket and having a dedicated place for donations. Thanks for the tip!

KMP Modern

Wow, you project is so simple and functional. I think I'm going to do this all over the house. I love baskets, but they do scratch. This is so stylish and easy. Thanks for posting!

Pam in the U.S.

Oh, I HAVE this basket (rather, one exactly like it), sans casters. I have had it for more than 30 years. After I graduated from college, my sister-in-law took me shopping, wanting to buy me something traditional, like a necklace or earrings, to mark the occasion. Instead, I fell in love with this basket, which cost more than I would have spent on such a thing for myself at the time. I told her that the basket is what I really wanted, more than a piece of jewelry. Amused, she bought me the basket, which I still have, use, and love. I think I will love it even more after I add casters to it!


This is a great idea. I love baskets. I'm always looking for really old ones. They are such a contrary to modern day mass production. :)


I love it. What remindes me, that I have two castors sets for two projects.
Not being really good (not being good at all, I can hurt myself by just putting a single nail in the wall)at that, what do you think is an hour - I pay per hour - of time enough to install for of those to the living room table - is is hard wood...
Have a nice weekend :-)


Great idea ;)) I need to do this ...

Jules Means

I know it's days later (I'm way behind on blogs this week), but just wanted to say I love castors, too. I put them on my granddaughter's crib from Ikea. I had taken off one side of the crib to use as a sort of day bed. With castors I could easily turn it back to the wall to keep her in it. I'm surprised that lovely crib doesn't come with them or at least with holes drilled for the option. /Users/juliameans/Desktop/ikea-gulliver-toddler-bed1-280x280.jpg

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