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December 18, 2013


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So smart ! Thanks for sharing :)

Sandy (USA)

Now that is awesome! Thanks for the great idea. :-)


Great idea! Thank you for sharing this with us! Have a peaceful Advent time!


Inventive! But what do you do with the cereal?

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

M.E - We ate it.


LOVE!!! Benita, do you think wrapping paper and a strong glue would be as strong as your wallpaper plus paste combo?

Thanks, Susan (a dedicated fan!)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Susan - I've had problems with wrapping paper creasing when trying to cover other stuff but if it's not the thinnest kind it's worth a try!


Thanks for the reply, Benita. My wrapping paper is on the thicker side, so I'm going to go for it!



Why does your cereal box say "Bears"?......that isn't Swedish!!(:

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Peggy - We use a lot of English in our daily lives over here.


The colors and prints all go so well together.


What a great idea, Benita!


Hello Benita, cat lovers around the world would like to know - will there be a Christmassy picture of Bonus and Mini? Many thanks!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Lizzie - Mini and Bonus tend not to want to model so it depends if I manage to get a shot of them in a Christmassy context :).


Great idea! I will try with self sealing wallpaper.


I do this with large boxed-wine boxes.. so much stronger than other box options in my house. Your wallpaper options are beautiful.


I intend to try this when I see suitable boxes. Thank you for all the tips and demos you have given us, Mal

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